Sunday, August 3, 2008


"I am proud of the things I have been able to achieve while in office." -Rep. Maile Shimabukuro (D), House of Representatives District 45, Waianae, Makaha, Makua

-- Air conditioning and/or power upgrades for Wai`anae High School ($2m), Wai`anae Intermediate School ($400,000), and Kamaile Elementary School ($500,000)
-- Fans for Leihoku, Makaha, Wai`anae, and Kamaile Elementary Schools; and for Wai`anae Intermediate and Wai`anae High Schools
-- Teacher Induction Program: $1m to fund a new teacher mentoring/orientation program for WHS and its feeder schools (co-introduced with Sen. Hanabusa)

-- Kahikolu Ohana Hale O Wai`anae: transitional and low cost rentals at Uluwehi ($500,000 operating funds; $1m CIP)
-- Habitat for Humanity grant-in-aid
-- Ohana Ola O Kahumana: additional transitional housing units and community center
-- Rent Supplement Program: added a 3 month period to secure a rental unit to the state rent supplement program

-- Turn Lanes at Nanakuli and Haleakala Avenues ($2m)
-- Wai`anae Coast pathway: secured $5,000 AlohaCare grant; organized volunteer clean-ups and work days

-- Waianae Maritime Academy grant-in-aid
-- MA`O Organic Farm internship program/partnership with LCC ($75,000/year)

-- Makaha Surfing Beach: replacement shower
-- Solar Energy: increased incentives to participate in the net energy metering program, which allows residential and small commercial customers to sell back excess energy earned through solar power to HECO
-- Artificial Surfing Reef: resolution urged designation of the Wai`anae Coast for an artificial surfing reef pilot project (Senate companion became vehicle)

-- Hale Na`au Pono building improvements
-- Empower Wai`anae grant-in-aid
-- Indigenous Architecture: legalized traditional hale, halau, and other native Hawaiian structures for residential and non residential use statewide (Senate companion became the vehicle)

-- Disability benefits: allowed the disabled to claim both physical and mental disability when seeking welfare assistance
-- Good Cause Exemption for disabled: allowed the disabled to claim good cause from requirement to pursue medical treatment
-- Due Process for the Needy: required that appeals hearings for welfare recipients be conducted in a fair and impartial manner
-- Medicaid reimbursement: increased Medicaid/QUEST reimbursement rates for outpatient treatment

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