Monday, August 30, 2010

Maile Receives "Support with Enthusiasm" from Democratic GLBT Caucus

Click here for the GLBT Caucus list of endorsements. Maile received "Support with Enthusiasm" instead of an "endorsement" because "the Caucus is limited by Party Rules to 'endorse' only candidates where there is no Democratic opposition." Here's the message from the chair:

From: GLBT Caucus Chair
To: "Jo-Ann Adams"
Date: Saturday, August 28, 2010, 6:29 AM

Media Contact: Jo-Ann M. Adams
(808) 479-7857 (cell); (808) 528-2100 (work)

August 27 2010


HONOLULU – The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i issued a statement today:

We are delighted at the number of new Democratic candidates in this year’s primary election. Many support the mission of the Caucus. Some are even willing to challenge incumbents.

Because HB444 passed both Houses in this last biennium, we had extensive voting records for all incumbents. Thus, we were able to supply more descriptive statements of endorsement/support. For example, “with enthusiasm” applied to those who supported the civil unions effort with courageous consistency. The phrase “would like to see more leadership on our issues” applied to candidates who supported HB444 substantively, but occasionally voted against the bill’s procedural progress in line with the wishes of leadership.

For new candidates we conducted interviews, typically with the candidate, though sometimes with campaign staff. Many members of the Caucus are actively working on campaigns and were able to provide personal assessments. For new candidates “with enthusiasm” applied only where the candidate was active in the civil unions effort.

The Caucus is limited by Party Rules to “endorse” only candidates where there is no Democratic opposition; if the Party Rules limit our ability to “endorse”, we issue a statement of “support”.

We thank all of the candidates who made the effort to introduce themselves to the Caucus. The detailed list of endorsements/support statements is attached. In summary, we supported or endorsed candidates in every federal race: Daniel K. Inouye for U. S. Senate; Colleen Hanabusa for the First Congressional District; Mazie Hirono (with enthusiasm) for the Second Congressional District. We supported with enthusiasm Neil Abercrombie for Governor and Gary L. Hooser for Lt. Governor. Of the 15 State Senate races, we endorsed/supported 10 candidates – 5 incumbents and 5 new candidates. Of the 51 State House races, we endorsed/supported 35 candidates – 22 incumbents and 13 new candidates.

For informational purposes only, we made recommendations in selected nonpartisan races where we have familiarity with the candidates. We also identified candidates with a demonstrated record opposing civil unions.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mahalo To Hard-Working Sign Wavers on 8/27/10!

Faith Arakawa, Summer & Manny Miles, Puna Ka`aiali`i-Ramos, Juli Patten, Ann Ka`ai, and Carolan Rowe

Juli Patten and Ann Ka`ai

Cullen Ohana Endorses Maile

"We have known Maile for many years, and continue to support her efforts to improve the Wai`anae Coast."

-- Christine, Luke, and Wayne Cullen

Mele Worthington Endorses Maile

"As a legislator in the Waianae Coast, you have embraced all of the voters, no matter their cultural background or financial standing...We love that you care for everyone you serve, and give of yourself so generously...In our Hawaiian community, I am reminded of the role that you have played in the success of Hawaiian organizations and public service."

- Letter from Mele Worthington dated 7/26/10

Friday, August 27, 2010

Candidates in Focus Airdates

From: Vote2010
Subject: Candidates in Focus Airdates
To: "maileshimabukuro"
Date: Friday, August 27, 2010, 11:33 AM


The Primary Edition of Candidates in Focus will premiere on 'Olelo's channel 49 beginning Sunday, August 29.

We understand how tight the timeline is for candidates to reach out to their constituents by the Primary, so we invite you to forward this E-mail to those of whom you'd like to share the Candidates in Focus airdates and on-line viewing links.


for a list of airdates, links, and more information on other community generated election programming. We appreciate your interest and/or participation in Candidates in Focus, part of 'Olelo's "Vote Informed" initiative.

'Olelo Community Media

Goals and Future Vision for Our Wai`anae Coast


I feel the biggest issue facing the Wai`anae Coast has been best articulated by community leader Eric Enos: the need to be in control of our own destiny, for example, in the areas of development, land use, and resource-allocation. I like what is happening in areas like the North Shore with land trusts for the public interest.
Here in Wai`anae we have begun to do the same, with MA`O Farm leveraging over $700,000 in Legacy Lands funds to purchase 11 acres in Lualualei Valley. I want to continue this trend, as well as address many of our community’s pressing needs.


Turns Lanes & Contraflow: complete turn and contraflow lanes at Haleakala and Nanakuli Avenues

2nd Access: push for completion of the WCEAR (Wai`anae Coast Emergency Access Road), and explore alternate route to the Wai`anae Coast which does not disrupt agriculture lands or cultural sites, eg, the "over the mountain" route currently being considered by OMPO (Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization)

"People's Path": continue to organize work days and seek funding via Safe Routes to School, Rails to Trails, and other private and government sources to extend the state's planned bike path that ends at Lualualei Naval Road further along the Coast

Self-Help Housing Farming Co-Op: apply for Legacy Lands funds through a partnership with Self-Help Housing HI, the Oahu Land Trust, and other groups

Affordable Housing: create a grant program for third party review (permit processing by private companies) for affordable housing projects

Cool Schools: continue to allocate funds for air conditioning, power upgrades and fans for schools

Job Training: urge Governor to release $3m I obtained for LCC-W's expansion to support training programs for worker shortage areas, eg, teachers, medical professionals, social workers, engineers, etc.

Parks and Stream Restoration: apply for the City’s Clean Water and Natural Lands fund to create more parks and restore streams

Renewable Energy: require that new construction utilize renewable energy; explore alternative energy sources, such as ocean thermal, and wave, wind, and solar energy

Universal Healthcare: support government-funded universal healthcare

Illegal Dumpsites: shut down illegal dumpsites by working with EPA, the media, and concerned residents

Land Use: require that Land Use Commission have members that specialize in the environment and Hawaiian culture


Ceded & Public Land Preservation: continue to oppose the state’s ability to sell and exchange public and ceded land via resolution (e.g., HCR21-26, HCR32-34, HCR36, and HCR320 from 2010), and push for a moratorium on such sales/exchanges so that a ceded lands inventory can be completed, and to preserve these lands for future generations.

E Ala Voyaging Canoe: build an ocean education center and halau on the Wai`anae Coast for the E Ala canoe


Civil Rights: “Kim here and just read Westside Stories and your open letter to the community regarding the Civil Unions Bill. I applaud your great Wisdom and Educational Smarts. Yes more people should have read clearly HB444. In no way does it negate traditional marriage, but addresses Civil rights for one and all. Mahalo Plenty.” (8/1/10 Email to Maile)

Maile is proud to be endorsed by: HGEA, HSTA, AFL-CIO, ILWU, HI Teamsters, Sierra Club HI Chapter, Progressive PAC, Planned Parenthood of HI Action Network, HI Women’s Political Caucus, HI Carpenters Union, HI Laborers PAC, General Contractors Assn., UPW, UHPA

Paid for by Friends of Maile Shimabukuro; Mervina Cash-Ka`eo, Campaign Chair; POB 2043, Wai`anae, HI 96792;

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Planned Parenthood of Hawaii Action Network Endorses Maile!

From: Melinda Wood
Subject: endorsement
To: Maile Shimabukuro
Date: Tuesday, August 24, 2010, 10:50 AM

The Planned Parenthood of Hawaii Action Network is pleased to endorse your candidacy in the primary race for HD 45. We plan to send out a press release listing all of our endorsements later today. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Melinda Wood

Rep. Shimabukuro Responds to OHA Candidate Survey

Rep. Shimabukuro recently submitted the following responses to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) Candidate Survey:

Question: What single issue facing Native Hawaiians concerns you the most, and how would you address that issue as a legislator?

Rep. Shimabukuro: The state’s ability to sell and exchange public and ceded land via resolution (e.g., HCR21-26, HCR32-34, HCR36, and HCR320 from 2010). I support a moratorium on the sale of ceded and public lands, so that a ceded lands inventory can be completed, and to preserve these lands for future generations.

Question: Do you support a moratorium on the sale of ceded lands?

Rep. Shimabukuro: Yes.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rep. Shimabukuro Featured on `Olelo's "Candidates in Focus" 2010

Hawaii Women's Political Caucus PAC Endorses Maile

The Hawaii Women's Political Caucus, a chapter of the National Women's Political Caucus, recruits, trains and supports women candidates for elected and appointed office.

For more information:
Faye Kennedy Daly, President
Hawaii Women's Political Caucus PAC
P.O. Box 11946
Honolulu, HI 96828
(808) 732-4987

Charles and Lyn Strickland Endorse Maile

Charles and Lyn Strickland, who home school their children and volunteer for many different youth-oriented causes, have been long time supporters of Maile's.

Mel Pu`u Endorses Maile

Waterman Melvin Pu`u is the organizer of the "Brada Mel's Canoe Surfing Championship" annual fundraiser, a Neighborhood Security Watch volunteer, and an outspoken advocate for water and ocean-related concerns.

Eva Galariada Endorses Maile

Eva Galariada has volunteered for youth sports teams, helped organize large-scale community events, and served others in many other ways on the Wai`anae Coast.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mahalo To Hard-Working Sign Wavers on 8/19/10!

L-R: Summer Miles, Carolann Rowe, Lika Jordan, Puna Ka`aiali`i-Ramos, Laurie Lawrence, and James Urbaniak enthusiastically held signs for Maile.

Faith Arakawa, Puna Ka`aiali`i-Ramos, and Summer Miles Endorse Maile

Faith Arakawa, Puna Ka`aiali`i-Ramos, and Summer Miles held signs for Maile.

Kapua Keliikoa-Kamai Endorses Maile

Kapua Keliikoa-Kamai, a passionate advocate for culture-based education, natural resource preservation, and Hawaiian rights, has been a dedicated supporter of Maile's for several years.

Ginger Fuata Endorses Maile

Ginger Fuata, an advocate for orphaned children and dedicated community volunteer, endorses Maile.

James Urbaniak and Ann Ka`ai Endorse Maile

James Urbaniak and Ann Ka`ai, both teachers and Wai`anae Coast residents, held signs supporting Maile.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kimberly Ha`upu Endorses Maile

Kimberly Ha'upu, Wai`anae resident

Aug 1, 2010

Aloha Maile

Kim here and just read Westside Stories and your open letter to the community regarding Civil Unions Bill. I applaud your great Wisdom and Educational Smarts. Yes more people should have read clearly HB444. In no way does it negate from traditional marriage, but addresses Civil rights for one and all. Mahalo Plenty

Kimberly Ha'upu
Wai`anae resident

HSTA Endorses Maile

Click on the image to zoom in.

Progressive PAC Endorses Maile

Progressive PAC Endorsements
by Progressive Democrats of Hawaii
Friday, August 13, 2010 at 4:44pm

The Progressive PAC, made up of members of Progressive Democrats of Hawaii and Americans for Democratic Action Hawaii, recently released its list of endorsements for this election year. Of all the PAC's endorsements, there are a handful of candidates that will receive financial assistance from the PAC.

After much examination of candidates' position on civil unions, emergency contraception in the emergency room, job security, progressive taxation, renewable energy, education, we have targeted our support for the following candidates who are in key races.

Neil Abercrombie for Governor
Gary Hooser for Lt. Governor
Michael Golojuch for 19th State Senate District
Representative Blake Oshiro in House District 33
Linda Ichiyama for House District 31
Jason Bradshaw for House District 43
Cynthia Rezentes for House District 44

The Progressive PAC, to fund its donations to candidates, will be holding a fundraiser on Saturday, August 21. at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu, 1730 Punahou St. from noon to 2:00pm and tickets are a suggested $60 donation. We need your help to support these candidates to ensure they win their primary races!

Here also, is the list of candidates in other races who the PAC has endorsed:

Senate District 8 – Larry Price endorsed with enthusiasm
Senate District 9 – Les Ihara endorsed with enthusiasm
Senate District 11 – Carol Fukunaga endorsed
Senate District 13 – Suzanne Chun-Oakland endorsed with enthusiasm
Senate District 19 – Michael Golojuch endorsed with enthusiasm
Senate District 24 – Jill Tokuda endorsed
House District 1 – Mark Nakashima endorsed
House District 4 – Fay Hanohano endorsed
House District 9 – Gil Keith-Agaran endorsed with enthusiasm
House District 11 – Joe Bertram endorsed with enthusiasm
House District 18 – Mark Hashem & T.J. Lane endorsed (dual endorsement)
House District 20 – Dwight Synan endorsed with enthusiasm
House District 23 – Tom Brower endorsed
House District 27 – Lynn Vasquez endorsed
House District 28 – Karl Rhoads endorsed with enthusiasm
House District 36 – Roy Takumi endorsed with enthusiasm
House District 38 – Marilyn Lee endorsed with enthusiasm
House District 39 – Marcus Oshiro endorsed with enthusiasm
House District 40 – Michael Doyle endorsed with enthusiasm
House District 45 – Maile Shimabukuro endorsed
House District 51 – Chris Lee endorsed with enthusiasm

Blog post with same info here,

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rep. Shimabukuro Authors Proposal & Petition to Bring E Ala Voyaging Canoe Home to Wai`anae Coast

Gege Kawelo (right) is one of the passionate leaders who organized the building of the E Ala voyaging canoe. Rep. Shimabukuro (left) hopes to help bring the E Ala home to the Wai`anae Coast.

E Ala voyaging canoe captains Sam Kapoi, Kaina Holomalia, and Waimea McKeague are all young men from the Wai`anae Coast.

Rep. Shimabukuro has joined the community effort to bring the E Ala voyaging canoe home to the Wai`anae Coast. She authored the written proposal, posted an online Petition, and introduced legislation seeking state funding for the project. To learn more, read the proposal by Rep. Shimabukuro below.


WHO: Polynesian Voyaging Society (PVS), Wai`anae Hawaiian Civic Club (WHCC), and many other individuals are making this request (See spreadsheet listing E Ala supporters and volunteers in Appendix 1). Makaha Studios has prepared a video with further information regarding this proposal.

WHAT: PVS, WHCC, and others urge the city to allow the use of Poka`i Bay as a location to permanently dry dock the E Ala voyaging canoe. The canoe would be stored under an energy efficient A-frame structure modeled after a halau wa`a in Laie (See model drawing of the “Halau Wa`a `O E Ala” in Appendix 2). The E Ala halau wa`a would feature photo-voltaic solar panels which would provide power for lighting and outlets. A fence, locks, and other security measures would also be constructed to prevent theft, vandalism, vagrancy, and other potential problems.

WHERE: Specifically, the old canoe storage area near the Kuilioloa Heiau would be the ideal location for the E Ala halau wa`a.

WHY: The E Ala needs to be returned home to the Wai`anae Coast to fulfill its purpose, which is to train residents to sail using ancient Hawaiian navigation techniques. As background, the E Ala is currently docked at the Sand Island Maritime Education Training Center (METC). It was constructed on the Wai`anae Coast in 1981 under the leadership of WHCC. At the time, Wai`anae and Nanakuli High School had programs that used the canoe to train students to sail, and the canoe was docked at Wai`anae boat harbor. Unfortunately, funding, liability, and other concerns eventually ended the school-based programs, and the canoe was vandalized while at the boat harbor. This lead to the E Ala being moved to METC, where it has been ever since. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm for E Ala never ended, and PVS has continued to train Wai`anae Coast students to sail and maintain the E Ala (See E Ala background from WHCC website in Appendix 3).

HOW: A dedicated group of volunteers is willing to provide in-kind services to construct and maintain the halau wa`a, fence, and other necessary security measures (See spreadsheet listing E Ala supporters and volunteers in Appendix 1). A federal grant and state legislative measures are being submitted to provide supplemental funding for the E Ala halau wa`a. In February 2010, City employee Edward Freitas stated that from a maintenance perspective, he would not object to allowing the E Ala to be docked at Poka`i Bay.

Furthermore, as stated above, the push to return E Ala to the Wai`anae Coast has been on-going for many years; the key missing elements were captains, crew members, and a location. PVS has trained 3 captains (Sam Kapoi, Kaina Holomalia, and Waimea McKeague), and several crews, who are all young Wai`anae Coast residents. These captains and crews sailed the E Ala, along with two other canoes, Hokule`a and Kamauheheu, back to the Wai`anae Coast from April 20-May 1, 2010 (See media coverage of the Wai`anae Coast sail in Appendix 4). The greater community has also expressed its support, as over 500 people have signed petitions urging the City to provide the permission necessary to allow the E Ala to be docked at Poka`i Bay (See E Ala Petitions in Appendix 5).

WHEN: PVS, WHCC, and other supporters urge the City to allow E Ala to be docked at Poka`i Bay immediately, or as soon as possible.


Appendix 1 – Spreadsheet listing E Ala supporters and volunteers (available upon request)

Appendix 2 – Model drawing of the “Halau Wa`a `O E Ala”

Appendix 3 – E Ala background from WHCC website,

Appendix 4 – Media coverage of the E Ala canoe’s Wai`anae Coast sail (April 20-May 1, 2010)

Appendix 5 – Petitions (hand-written and online) urging the City to allow E Ala to be docked at Poka`i Bay

William Jr. & Melva Aila Endorse Maile

"Maile is a proven leader who is concerned about our environment, social welfare, and economy. We have worked along side her on many issues, and we know her heart is in the right place."
~ William Jr. and Melva Aila and `Ohana

Carol Bonham Endorses Maile

"Maile has worked very hard on the People's Path and beautifying our beaches. I back Maile all the way!"
~ Carol Bonham, Wai`anae Coast resident and "People's Path" volunteer

Sandra Aken Endorses Maile

"Maile has helped my family and the people of Wai`anae so much. She has proven her commitment to this Coast."
~ Sandra Aken, Wai`anae Coast resident

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sierra Club Hawaii Endorses Maile

Click the image to zoom in.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hawaii Teamsters Local 996 Endorses Maile

Click the image to zoom in.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


"I am proud of the things I have been able to achieve while in office." -Rep. Maile Shimabukuro (D), House of Representatives District 45, Waianae, Makaha, Makua

-- Air conditioning and/or power upgrades for Wai`anae High School ($2m), Wai`anae Intermediate School ($400,000), and Kamaile Elementary School ($500,000)
-- Fans for Leihoku, Makaha, Wai`anae, and Kamaile Elementary Schools; and for Wai`anae Intermediate and Wai`anae High Schools
-- Teacher Induction Program: $1m to fund a new teacher mentoring/orientation program for WHS and its feeder schools (co-introduced with Sen. Hanabusa)

-- Maili Self-Help Housing: Obtained federal funding through Rep. Mazie Hirono's office
-- Sea Winds Affordable Housing Project: Obtained federal funding through Rep. Mazie Hirono's office
-- Nanakuli Housing Corporation: supported grant-in-aid
-- Kahikolu Ohana Hale O Wai`anae: transitional and low cost rentals at Uluwehi ($500,000 operating funds; $1m CIP)
-- Habitat for Humanity: supported grant-in-aid
-- Ohana Ola O Kahumana: additional transitional housing units and community center
-- Rent Supplement Program: added a 3 month period to secure a rental unit to the state rent supplement program

-- Turn Lanes at Nanakuli and Haleakala Avenues ($2m)
-- Wai`anae Coast pathway: secured $5,000 AlohaCare grant; organized volunteer clean-ups and work days at Maili Point and "Sewers" Beach
-- Flood Control along Farrington Highway in Makaha ($3.5m)

-- Waianae Maritime Academy grant-in-aid
-- MA`O Organic Farm internship program/partnership with LCC ($75,000/year)
-- Wai`anae Education Center for Leeward Community College (LCC-W), which provides LCC-W with its own building, and creates job-training opportunities for area residents ($3m)

-- Makaha Surfing Beach: honored Richard "Buffalo" Keaulana on Hawaiian Caucus Day 2010, and pushed for a replacement shower
-- Solar Energy: increased incentives to participate in the net energy metering program, which allows residential and small commercial customers to sell back excess energy earned through solar power to HECO
-- Artificial Surfing Reef: resolution urged designation of the Wai`anae Coast for an artificial surfing reef pilot project (Senate companion became vehicle)
-- Kea`au Beach Clean-Up: co-organized Kokua Festival/Kanu HI event, which drew over 200 volunteers and several private industry donors, and removed approximately 700 bags of trash, several tons of bulky items, a 20' container of metal, 25+ batteries, 200+ tires, an 18' boat, a broken trailer, and 200+ tires (Feb. 2010)

-- Hale Na`au Pono building improvements
-- Empower Wai`anae grant-in-aid
-- Indigenous Architecture: legalized traditional hale, halau, and other native Hawaiian structures for residential and non residential use statewide (Senate companion became the vehicle)
-- Wai`anae Coast Comprehensive Health Center: supported the largest employer on the Wai`anae Coast with $1m capital improvement, and measures which improved the health contract bid process (HB1642/Act 69 & SCR179), supported WCCHC's medical school (SCR 178), & restored $332,000 to fund the ER (SB2469)

-- Disability benefits: allowed the disabled to claim both physical and mental disability when seeking welfare assistance
-- Good Cause Exemption for disabled: allowed the disabled to claim good cause from requirement to pursue medical treatment
-- Due Process for the Needy: required that appeals hearings for welfare recipients be conducted in a fair and impartial manner
-- Medicaid reimbursement: increased Medicaid/QUEST reimbursement rates for outpatient treatment

Rep. Shimabukuro Is Dedicated to Beautifying the Wai`anae Coast

Maile holds her son, Keani, in front of trash gathered after cleaning up Poka`i Bay.

Rep. Shimabukuro treasures the natural beauty of the Wai`anae Coast, and has enjoyed organizing many beach clean-ups over the years. She looks forward to continuing to do this in the years to come. Here is coverage of some of the beach clean ups that Rep. Shimabukuro has helped organize; click on the links to view photos, videos, and the stories:

4/18/10 Lualualei #1, aka "Sewer's Beach"

2) 2/13/10 Kea`au Beach

3) 1/16/10 Maili Point

4) 1/24/09 Maili Point

5) 9/27/08 Maili Point

6) 8/29/08 Poka`i Bay Clean Up

7) 4/26/08 Maili Point

Mahalo nui loa to all the hard-working volunteers who helped make these clean-ups a success. For more information about beach clean-ups, email

Letter from Thomas Dalbert re HB444

Thomas Dalbert, Wai`anae resident

Date: Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Aloha Maile,

I'd like to thank you for your well-written, unemotional blog entry and your courage to re-state one more time what HB444 was all about: equality and constitutionality!

I know that you didn't have to do that now that it failed anyway but I'm encouraged to see that there are still politicians out there that are not afraid to speak their mind even if they might lose a few votes.

Thomas Dalbert, Wai`anae resident

Friday, August 6, 2010

Rep. Shimabukuro Obtains $3m for Higher Learning: The Wai`anae Education Center

During the past legislative session, Rep. Shimabukuro obtained $3m for the Leeward Community College-Wai`anae (LCC-W) Education Center. The funds are needed to support LCC-W's goal of owning its own building, thus ending its obligation to pay monthly rent, and increasing the college's autonomy and ability to expand. LCC-W has been renting a small space near Wai`anae Mall throughout its existence.

"Supporting LCC-W will go a long way toward addressing problems like our high teacher turnover by fostering more homegrown teachers and other professionals," said Rep. Shimabukuro, who is a member of LCCW's Community Advisory Board.

"Now it is in the Governor's hands to decide whether or not to release the $3m," Shimabukuro continued. "If the money is not released, the funds could lapse."

Members of the public should call, email, fax, and write the Governor urging her to release the funds immediately. The Governor's contact information is:

The Honorable Linda Lingle
Governor, State of Hawai`i
Executive Chambers
State Capitol
Honolulu, Hawai`i 96813

Phone: 808-586-0034
Fax: 808-586-0006


People worldwide may also sign the Petition created by Rep. Shimabukuro. So far 151 people have already signed, and several have made passionate pleas to the Governor. One signer wrote:

"I have built my foundation has a student, mother of five residing in Waianae for 20 years. I am trully blessed for LCC-Waianae. I have always wanted to come back to school. My dream has come true I have been in college since 2007 till this day. I have never been happier for the simple fact I do not have to travel a far distance for majority of my classes. Being the crunch times with cars and traffic along Farrington Hwy attending LCC-Waianae has made my schooling much simplier. I am hoping before the time I need to transfer there will be more classes avail. or even another stucture to hold more classes for people like me who finds LCC-Waianae home. I really love our campus at Waianae. we all need to stand together and Malama our Hale for college Education."
-- Florence Kealawailukini Eli-Adams

To sign the Petition, contact Rep. Shimabukuro, LCC-W, or go to this link:

Leeward Community College-Wai`anae, established in 1972 as part of Leeward Community College, collaborates with several Community Partners, such as MA`O Farms Youth Leadership Program and Community Supported Agriculture, Wai`anae Health Academy, and Ka Lama Education Academy.

LCC-W offers a variety of first and second year college credit classes in liberal arts, education, business, and career and technical areas. Students can complete an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Arts in Teaching degree entirely at the Wai`anae campus. It offers the advantage of being close to home for Waianae Coast residents, with small class sizes, friendly and helpful staff, and caring, competent, and knowledgeable instructors and counselors.

For more information about Leeward Community College-Wai`anae, call 696-6378 or visit their website at

International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) Endorses Maile in 2010

"Mahalo nui loa to the ILWU for its on-going support of my campaigns all these years!"


Rep. Shimabukuro Helps Protect Wai`anae Coast Residents from Floods

Lynette Kotake of Makaha alerted Rep. Shimabukuro about the drainage problem along Farrington Highway, which lead to the devastating flooding in the area. Fortunately, Rep. Shimabukuro obtained $3.5m to help address the blockage.

Click the image for the full story and video
Rep. Shimabukuro shows news reporters the debris in a Makaha streambed, which was brought to her attention by resident Kris Meyer and others. Later during the 2009 Legislative session, Rep. Shimabukuro helped pass Act 076, which allows Civil Defense to clear debris from privately owned streambeds like the one in Makaha without having to obtain written permission from the landowners.
Kris Meyer of Woody's Hotdogs was one of the flood victims who contacted Rep. Shimabukuro, the media, Civil Defense, and others to bring attention to the plight of the Wai`anae Coast following the December 2008 floods.
Following the December 2008 floods, which devastated many homes along the Wai`anae Coast, Rep. Shimabukuro and others alerted the media about the situation. This, along with the efforts of many other residents, lead the Civil Defense, National Guard, FEMA, Red Cross, and other organizations to come to the aid of Wai`anae Coast flood victims. Later, during the 2009 legislative session, Rep. Shimabukuro helped pass HB 1713/Act 076, which allows Civil Defense to clear debris from private waterways without having to obtain written permission from the landowners. Subsequently, during the 2010 legislative session, at the urging of Makaha flood victims, Rep. Shimabukuro obtained $3.5m to perform critical drainage improvements along Farrington Highway.
The view the text, testimony, committee reports, etc. for HB 1713, search, or visit:
August 2010 Email from a Makaha flood victim:

Aloha Maile,
I just wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for all your efforts in helping us at ...Farrington Highway to get the drainage problem fixed by the Department of Transportation, State of Hawaii. I am happy to report to you that the State has received the appropriation to fix the problem that we had with flooding during the December 2008 storm. Brennon Morioka and his staff have been FABULOUS! They have hired an outside consultant to assist with the project and are proceeding to move toward its completion. We met with them on site to review and discuss what needed to be done. All this could not have been done without YOUR help and we are most appreciative. It is people like you, Brennon and his staff that make this world a better place and we are grateful, as always, for all that you do.

Most appreciatively yours,
Lynette Kotake, Makaha homeowner

Maile's Resume

ROOM 406
(808) 586-8460 (PH) / (808) 586-8464 (FAX)


January 2003 –Present
Vice-Chair, Hawaiian Affairs Committee; Member, Education, Higher Education, Health, and Human Services Committees; Women's Caucus; Hawaiian Caucus

June 2001 - Present
Represent clients in family, housing, public benefits, and consumer court and administrative proceedings; teach divorce clinics; conduct community outreach, staff training, intake services, and legal research; write briefs and legal memorandums; provide legal counsel and advice

June 2000 – June 2001
Prepared orders and pleadings; performed legal research; assisted with settlement conferences and committee meetings; staffed law library; and fielded questions from the public

August 1998 – December 1999
Composed legal memoranda, demand letters, pleadings and correspondence; Conducted client interviews, home visits, and investigation; Performed legal research and filing for solo personal injury practitioner/insurance specialist

May 1999 – August 1999
Wrote, edited & performed research for portions of casebook on internment of Japanese Americans during WWII

May 1998 – August 1998;
February 1992 – August 1997
Represented clients in welfare, social security, and unemployment administrative hearings; Assisted attorney with family, housing and consumer cases; Composed briefs, pleadings, memorandums of law and training manuals; Testified before legislature; Conducted intake, client interviews, home visits, notaries, legal research, training and outreach; sent to The Benchmark Institute advocacy skills training in June 1996

Feb. 1992 – July 1996
Wrote monthly news, feature and investigative articles; Edited health center newsletter

June 1995 – August 1995
Wrote/edited news & feature articles for Building Industry, HI Hospitality, HI Landscape, Building Management HI, HI Inn The Know

June 1990 – August 1990
Recruited and assisted patients in obtaining SHIP coverage; Wrote procedure manual


Best Brief Appellate Advocacy Section 2
Top Quartile, ‘97-98; Top 50% ’98-’99 and ’99-‘00
Environmental Law Society Co-Director and Co-Vice Director
Advocates for Public Interest Law Summer Grantee and Board Member
National Association for Public Interest Law Student Rep. And Delegate
Student Bar Association 1L Representative
Scholarships: HI Legal Auxiliary, Delta Gamma Foundation, and
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Civil Unions bill HB444

Unfortunately, the Civil Unions bill (HB444), which I supported, is often confused with other issues. To clarify its purpose and my reason for supporting it, here's a summary of the key points:

The bill did not:
1. Legalize gay marriage.
2. Change the definition of "marriage," which is reserved for a man and a woman.
3. Require any church official or anyone else to perform the civil unions.

The bill did:
4. Protect the Constitutional rights of U.S. citizens, ensuring that all persons are treated equally, prohibiting discrimination on the basis of a person's gender.
5. Support the 1993 Hawaii Supreme Court ruling that same-sex couples deserve the same protection under the law as heterosexual couples.
6. Extend spousal benefits and responsibilities to partners.

For my longer explanation, please click here.
For comments re my support of HB444, see Chet Urata and Thomas Dalbert.

Hawaii State AFL-CIO Endorses Maile

Click here to zoom in.

Letter from Chet Urata re HB444

Dear Rep. Shimabukuro,

I read your blog regarding HB444. I'm glad that you sound like you support it. I am not gay myself, but I fully respect the rights of others and do not see any reason why gay marriage, let alone civil unions, threaten anyone. Claims that gay marriage threatens the institution of marriage are ludicrous. I know my relationship is in no way threatened by what others do in theirs. Yet what a profound effect marriage or unions would have on the lives of gays and lesbians!

Chet Urata

As I could tell from your blog, you understand that this is not an issue to be decided by what is popular; this is a civil rights issue. Anyone who believes that this should be decided by a referendum is clearly not in favor of this becoming law since it is well known that the populace will vote this down. It is unfortunate that the majority of people are neither enlightened nor generous enough to allow gay marriage or civil unions to become law.

I applaud and encourage the efforts of you and others in the state congress to pass this bill.

Best wishes,
Chet Urata, Waianae resident